Tails has teamed up with knuckles the echidna!

Just like that KNUCKLES joins the fight against Solaris!

The ERC20 Blockchain will Never be the same!

SEGA Alliance & Staking

$KNUCKLES is the next ERC-20 token launched in the SEGA Game Alliance.

The SEGA Game Alliance is an ERC20 ecosystem being developed where HODLRs of TAILS and KNUCKLES will be able to stake their tokens and NFTs to earn ETH. Special prizes and rewards are coming for those who ape in early and HODL.



Q3 2021

  • Website Launch
  • Successful Fair Launch
  • DEX Listings
  • Fast Track CG and CMC Listings

Q3 2021

  • Influencer Partnerships
  • CEX Listings
  • Whitepaper Released
  • Smart ContractAudit

Q4 2021

  • Team Expansion
  • Legal Entity Formation
  • Online Market Expansion

solaris is trembling in his boots

help knuckles and tails take him down


Contract: 0xc92e75431614ecae3847842cc7f1b6bc58326427